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My brother and I have been owners and managers of our oyster farm since February 2017.

The cabin is ideally located just a few meters from the port of Bourcefranc Le Chapus, offering a panoramic view of the bridge to the island of Oléron.

Our complementarity is our strength.

Julien Léger

I primarily focus on the marketing and organization of the establishment.

All important decisions are made together, but this organization, which has naturally emerged due to our backgrounds and abilities, allows us to be more responsive in everyday decision-making.

Our trips to the sea are almost daily.

We all take turns going based on the needs and tasks at hand.

Being my own boss and working with and in nature is a daily pleasure with its advantages and disadvantages.

We also enjoy the direct sales and interaction with customers.


Simon Léger

Since the age of 15, I have been drawn to this profession, and my desire was confirmed through various internships during my schooling.
After middle school, I completed a 3-year vocational diploma in Marine Culture, which I did through an apprenticeship program.
Following that, I worked as an employee in an oyster company for three years to gain experience.
I, too, have always wanted to become my own boss. What I love about my job:
It's the work in the great outdoors, which can be more or less enjoyable depending on the seasons, and being able to oversee the development of the product from the birth of the oyster to its commercialization.
It's a comprehensive, rewarding, and diverse profession in which we can always grow and discover new things.

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